New Flat!

 I got to take another look at Moeshas's and my soon to be new flat today when I went to meet with the landlords and sign the contract (get back here Moeshas! You need to sign the thing too!). The flat is magnificent, great lighting, but you can also keep the light out if you want, it's big, extremely big for the price, and we have a huge garden. We are also allowed to have a cat, which I think we might end up doing, though the street right next to the house is scary and people sometimes drive there too fast. Cats have died, and you really can't keep them from going onto the streets.

I especially love the living room, which has a nice and cozy corner to put a TV of gargantuan dimensions into, so yay! I shall be gaming a lot more after having moved in. The whole place is just extremely pretty, as long as we don't put too much stuff into it. I don't see this thing being able to take very much clutter. I'll probably have to say goodbye to some of my old books...

Here's some pics, if I can get them to work:

Yeah, so this doesn't show off all that much, I took the pictures mostly to know what sort of plug thingies we'll have so I can fix up phone and TV and stuff, so they're not at all flashy. The second to last one shows off the lovingly painted stars on our bathroom ceiling, the last one shows a small part of our really quite big living room. Lovely view, you can see a castle ruin from there. The picture with the lush green trees and meadows is what we'll look at every time we leave the house :)

The first picture is of a mushroom.

It is really a very tasty mushroom.


I know a guy with sideburns who walks around the streats near here sometimes. He's like out of an old 70's movie, you know the type. The chest hair's growing out of his t-shirt sleeves, the tight blue jeans show off the neatly-trained curvature of his ass, and he's got that David Hasselhoff look all about him.

Anyway, that guys was walking down the street one day, right? Then there was this massive explosion - couldn't have been more than 100 meters away! I thought it came from the station, but I can't see that far from my window. I thought that it probably was one of those terrorist attacks in the subways that the newspapers had been on about lately.

Anyway, so sideburns guy - and I'm looking at him from the window, see, what with nothing else to do n'all - sideburns guy doesn't even blink. Well, maybe he did blink, I know I blinked when I heard the explosion and hit the floor real hard like, so he could've blinked when I wasn't looking, but when I got up again, he was just jogging along all peaceful-like, as if he'd expected this. I almost expected a black car with cool red lights in front to pick him up.

Something was odd about him in any case, so I called the police on him. They don't publish the mughsots, so I don't know if they caught him or not, or if he even had anything to do with the whole bombing thing. The newspapers blamed some terrorist organization afterwards. No idea how they could've found that out, but then, what do I know?


The rat race is on in the city streets all around. Pesky little buggers, all of them. But you know what they say: don't count your flies until they're all swatted.


So was I when my cat brought a dead dog to my doorstep. As a present, or so I think. Maybe the bitch was just trying to freak me out. A vicious thing she is and I certainly wouldn't put it past her.

Anywhoo, that episode got me thinking about the people on the streets, fucking their way through their messed up lives. Walking around some and buying shit.

Ever thought of how many people you walk past on the street every day? I sure haven't. Gives me the creeps, them people dressed up in pimped up designer clothes careening up and down the aisles of the capital looking at shopping windows. Looking for things, too, sometimes.

They look at candy, weapons, books, and all the other dangerous sorts of things that can get you into trouble and/or get you killed you if you're all out of luck. Pet shops, too. Did I mention the bitch bit the fucker's head clean off?  Yeah, well, she did.

Cat food. I always forget putting it on the shopping list. Might explain the bitch's behavior come to think of it. But then, when you're all jacked up on meth you've got other things to worry about than feeding the feline monstrosity.

Got my own collection of tinfoil hats lined up neatly on my bookshelf. One for every alien that's probed my ass in the recent weeks. Of course I don't remember, but that's the beauty of it. If they do it that way they can count on the horror in my eyes being first-grade every time they prep my anus for insertion. I'm sure it gets them off, can't see another reason for doing it, really.

Wonder what ointment they use. Good stuff, that, can't feel any pain in the proverbial rear end. Or maybe it's the meth. I wouldn't know, I'm not a doctor.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to check my medicine cabinet. The bitch is jonesing for some of the good stuff, and I really don't like making her wait. Have a good one and fuck you all!

It Had to Happen Eventually

Many people have prophecied it, and now we know, all of them were right. It was just the date that was a bit sketchy. But then, in the face of galactic time - a galactic year being somewhere around 220 to 250 million years - a few Earth years more or less don't mean much, now do they?

Yes. The world has indeed come to an end.

Slashfic - Nothing is Sacred: Little Finger / Thought Facility

Pinky's mind was filled with thoughts of freedom and elation as he ran - yes, ran! Somehow, he must have made it out of the cage, and without Brain's help, too. His feet propelled him ever forward, as if he were outside on a field. His muscles, though beginning to show signs of exhaustion, rejoiced in being used again after such imprisonment. He tried to imitate his friend's diabolical laughter, but the only sound he managed to produce was "narf!"

"Stop playing with that running weel," Brain snapped at him. "We have work to do, Pinky."

Pinky stumbled and the wheel, still in motion, made him do some painful circles on his head before finally coming to a halt.

"Why, Brain, what are we going to do today?"

"We are going to do the same thing we do every night, Pinky. We are going to take over the world!"

"Ooooh!" Pinky said, his eyes growing wide. "I love it when you talk about your big dreams, Brain"

"Not dreams, Pinky. Tonight, like every night, I have a plan!" Brain pointed his finger into the air and struck a self-important pose. Pinky admired his friend's stature.

"What kind of plan do you have, Brain?" Pinky had forgotten all about his fall by now and began running around the cage again, bumping into things.

"It is brilliant, Pinky, and this time, nothing can go wrong! The world will tremble before the might of my sardonic transinducer!" What followed was Brain's trademark laughter. "Narf!" Pinky tried to imitate him.

Pinky watched as brain used a magnet he must have hidden under the food bowl to attract the keys lying ever so close to their cage. Brain picked them up nonchalantly and opened the door without comment.

"I didn't know you could do magic, Brain," Pinky said, his eyes wide.

"It's not magic, Pinky, you ludicrous imbecilic excuse for a pampelmousse."

"Oooh!" Pinky said. "Narf!" He had always known Pinky could do amazing things with that giant brain of this, but he had never suspected him to be able to move things with his mind. He tried to touch Brain's bulbous head, but stumbled and fell down the table and onto his chin. Brain ignored him.

"Unlike on all the other nights, we can find all the components for the sardonic transinducer inside this laboratory!" Brain said. Diabolical laughter. A "narf!" from Pinky, who had managed to climb the table again.

"Hey, Brain," Pinky said after some deliberation, "if this sardinic tomato mousser is so great, why haven't you made one before?"

Brain stared at him for a moment. "I simply - I simply hadn't thought of it, Pinky." Brain seemed quite shocked.

"It sounds like some lame story plotline cooked up by an amateur fan fiction writer to me," said Pinky.

"It does indeed, Pinky, it does indeed."

"Narf!" Pinky said. He almost fainted. "Brain, are you really agreeing with me?"

"Yes, I am, Pinky."

"Oh joyous day!" Pinky said. "Narf! This is the first time you ever agreed with me, Brain! I shall always treasure this moment! Oh! Brain!"

"No hugs," Brain said, sidestepping the charging Pinky who fell flat on his face.

A few hours later, Brain had finished building his sardonic transinducer.

"Now step into this chamber, Pinky!" He gestured towards a soft drink can he had repurposed into something that looked like a miniature doomsday device.

"Why is that, Brain? Narf!"

"You'll see," Brain said. His usually confident voice trembled.

"Okay Brain. I trust you!"

"Oh Pinky - Pinky, Pinky," Brain said, burying his face in his hands. "I just can't do this!"

"Can't do what, Brain?"

"Use you like this. If it were anyone else, but, Pinky, if it's you... I just can't do it!"

"Don't worry, Brain, you can use me like you always do."

"Not this time. Pinky, the sardonic transinducer, it would kill you! It would turn your body into an energy source that would power a mind control machine. I don't want you to die, Pinky!"

"Narf!" Pinky said, tears running down his face. "That's the nicest thing you ever said to me, Brain!"

"I don't want you to die!" Brain repeated. Was that a tear on his face? "I don't want you to die!" His eyes went wide, as if he hadn't known this simple truth himself.

"Oh Brain! Brain!" Pinky said, running towards his friend again with open arms. This time, Brain didn't sidestep.

He ran towards Pinky himself, to embrace his friend.

"I always knew you loved me, Brain! That's why I've stayed with you for all those years!"

"Oh, and I do, Pinky, I do!"

"I have never seen a mouse as beautiful as you, Brain!"

"Pinky, in my wildest dreams I've always held you close to me!"

"Oh! Brain! Narf!"

"Oh Pinky!"

And they held each other tight, until finally, they kissed each other with abandon.


"Yes Pinky?"

"What are we going to do tomorrow night?"

"What we will be doing every night from now on, Pinky, what we will be doing every night from now on."

"Oh Brain," Pinky snickered. "Narf!"

Have your story read on the internet!

A friend of mine has recently started a website called "Telling of Tales", where he reads a 500-800 word short story in the form of a podcast every week. Sadly, submissions have only trickled in in short supply and he has had to turn his threat of reading from "The Eye of Argon" into reality.

So if you have a 500-800 word story you would like to hear read aloud by somebody whom at least I consider to be a good semi-professional, consider sending it in at Help us make the hurt of The Eye of Argon stop!

Here are the submission guidelines: So as you can see, it's really not that hard, and I think it's a great service that he's doing it for free. He deserves some advertising :)

My much neglected LJ entry

Wow, so I've been to England for what, almost 2 weeks now? And I haven't even posted in LiveJournal? Sacrilege! (Or so thinks Moeshas, queen of nag. Ahem... You know, I really shouldn't say stuff like that about the person I miss the most... Sorry!)

Yeah... I'm in Manchester. I'm attending a language school here so I can prepare for doing my proficiency exam in English. I thought it might've been a mistake at first, but judging from the classes I had and the exercises I did, I do need a bit of preparation after all, even if 3 months here might be a bit much. There are some grammar problems from hell I'll have to wade through before all this is over.

But enough of the boring school bit. Manchester... aaahh... Manchester... city of dreams. The holy grounds. The El Dorado of England. Well, the outskirts of it (where I live) are a bit of a dirty shithole with lots of gangs and stuff like that (As you may guess, I don't get out at night around these parts) but the city itself is amazing. It's big, with a population of about 500'000 people, and even in the city centre there is a lot of stuff to explore. People are friendly (well, the shop clerks aren't, they're some of the most unfriendly people I've ever met, which is strange, since it's their job to be nice...) and the weather was actually quite good. I only got rained on once and I was carrying an umbrella at the time. It only seems to rain whenever I am inside.

I live at a host family in Salford, and despite the rough neighbourhood, it is really nice here. We've got a park right next to the house (not that I'd make use of it much :P ), bus stop is close and the house itself is cozy and big enough, even if my room is a bit small. My host mother's name is Sue, and she lives with a nice but weird French guy who doesn't speak English. We live together with four other students. This is nice because that way there's always lots of conversation, especially at dinner. Our dinners usually last from one and a half to two hours, and I think everyone here is having fun.

A small list of things I did here in the last two weeks: I

Went shopping for games (games are about half as expensive as in Switzerland, so I definitely overindulged... my poor wallet...)
Went walking around the city
Went to buy a ticket to Leeds (I'll visit a friend of mine there this weekend, can't wait)
Went shopping for more games (What do you call it if you overindulge after already having overindulged?)
Went to play Laser Quest with people at school (Kind of like paintball but with lasers. I won by the way! I WON! I'm really proud ^^)
Went climbing (A crappy little wall next to the Laser Quest thing... all of us thought there'd be an actual climbing hall, but no such luck...)
Went to the pub with some students
Went to see Manchester stadium
Went to the Imperial War Museum
Went home to play games a lot
Went to eat astoundingly well prepared Asian food
Went to do some more stuff I can't remember right now

All in all, I'm having fun here and I really like the people. Only thing I miss from Switzerland right now is Moeshas, and she'll be visiting me in the middle of July, can't wait for that! (She might be able to take some of the things I bought home so I won't have to put them all into my hand luggage. Err... and no, that's not the only reason why I'm missing her :) )

Have fun at your meet tomorrow, you NaNo guys! Wish I was with you all!

Cheers from Manchester, mates!

Star Trek vs. Star Wars

Note: The two franchises in the title of this topic are mentioned in alphabetical order, not in order of my preference. This needs to be said, as the issue seems to be a very sensitive one amongst certain groups of fans. I am fan of both of the franchises and can see merits and faults in both of them, and I want it said here that I am not taking sides. I stand on neutral ground, overlooking both fields. So please don't hit me, or hack my LJ, or anything like that! PLEASE!

Nerd politics out of the way, let's get to my post. It seems like I haven't posted in forever, huh? So I decided not to go into the boring details of my life and instead discuss a topic of vital importance: The upcoming Star Trek Online and Star Wars Online games! So, what do I know about them? Next to nothing in fact. I know the Star Wars one is going to be a sequel to the extraordinary (or so I hear. I'm sad to say I haven't managed to get my compy to play them yet... Don't like Windows XP and Vista, the bastards...) Knights of the Old Republic series. And that bodes well. I'll probably end up playing this.

Here the latest controversy surrounding this game: Link
Here the trailer/developer's commentary to it:           Link
Here another cool trailer/developer's commentary:  Link

About the Star Trek game I know that you'll be allowed to control a starship along with your friends, beam down on planets and solve missions. The basic, succesful scheme that made Star Trek so awesome back in its day, when it was... well... still awesome. (I'm looking at you, Voyager and Enterprise! *glare*)

Links here are sparse, but still, I try. Screenshots:     Link
Spock talking about some things, including game:   Link
Interview with the developers:                                       Link

So, both of these games seem amazing, though not much of the Star Trek game is known. Not much of the Star Wars game is known either, but at least we have some video footage. I'll probably end up playing both, in any case.

So, I'll end this atypical post now. Just wanted to share something that provides me with a bit of excitement. May you live long and prosper. And I am your father.

Edit: Just found that there IS a Star Trek Online Trailer!  Still doesn't tell us what the actual game will be like, but boy does it bring a tear to my eyes ^^